ZAS Petroleum is a Black Women-owned, level 1 B-BBEE supplier of choice, trading in crude oil and refined petroleum products in South Africa.

ZAS Petroleum is located in the international trading Hub, Cape Town CBD. We are an AGILE and RESILIENT partner as we are a small, swift, and responsive team that can pivot at a moment’s notice to meet client’s needs.

We pride ourselves in offering efficient, service excellence through customized partnership solutions.

Petroleum Company


Global Partnerships for South Africa's Energy

Our approach is that of strategic partnership; whereby ZAS has sough out global entities to partner with in specific areas of product excellence to provide a unique, globally-backed service to the South Africa Energy industry.

ZAS Petroleum's Key Advantage

One of the foremost benefits that ZAS Petroleum can offer supporting suppliers is the leverage for the relationship within the treading arena in South Africa.

Local Relationships for Agile Client Fulfillment

We have Strong local presence in that we capitalise on our relationships with the local refinery traders. This give us an edge in that we are agile and are able to pivot to fulfil client's need.
Our Difference

Improve Your
Bottom Line

As your precision motion partner, we provide energy solutions with the aim to:

  • Maximize Value Through Tailored Supply Solutions
  • Efficiency
  • Hands-on and Operational
  • Value and Liquidity Generation
  • Customer Centric
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ZAS has a competitive edge in its supply of Products to South Africa. With a number og agreements in place with leading Golobal companies; ZAS is positioned to supply consistent volumes to the local Market.
With learn and targeted business operation; ZAS is able to offer competitive prices at competitive margins, passing on the cost saving to its customer.

ZAS Petroleum's client-centric approach is not just a business strategy but a philosophy that drives every aspect of its operations.

By prioritizing the needs and preferences of its clients, ZAS Petroleum aims to build strong, enduring relationships that lead to mutual growth and success in the competitive fuel supply industry.

ZAS offers maximum preferential procurement benefits as it is a 135% level 1 B-BBEE black women company.

Petroleum Company

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